If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
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Hello Everyone Welcome to Ckiara Nation! This is Ckiara (silent C) Rose. I am the hostess of Ckiara Nation. Ckiara Nation is a platform where adults can speak frankly and openly about sexuality, All forms of discussions leading to solutions to the Inbred racial hate, stereotypes, and assumptions about different groups of people from all sides, politics, advocating for a responsible adult, consensual, sexual, that is as much an Inalienable Right as being born or dying!  “The Nation”, strives to replace erotic stigmas, myths, and stereotypes with educated research, occasional expert guests, including sex workers, adult entertainers, clients, customers, allies, and the enemies who oppose. We are here to help those who seek to release their indoctrinated inhibitions, explore all life, gain empowerment through sex, its genres, politics, teaching responsibility/consent in real life, embracing our fantasy, role plays, having fun, visiting and exploring taboo, and much, much, more!  Bottom Line: I have a burning passion and love for my work. I have suffered hell in the past, directly related to the status quo’s illogical indoctrination of sensual and sex shame! I had my child stolen by the system due to nonconformity. I relented and stood my ground against their sexual shaming and female role & worn ideology… to both my own and my sons’ pain! Had I surrendered most likely I wouldn’t be here because I would have sold my soul! This show is so that his growing up age 8 to 20 without me, means something and for all the other misunderstood, misrepresented people, also sex workers, and adult entertainers, I met who took a job they hated, could no longer spend time with their families,  turned to drugs because they could no longer afford a roof over their heads and had their kids taken after they caved into social conformity through forced assimilation and return to sex shame, self-loathing and poverty.  Also, the people stuck in abusive or unhappy life! I just don’t believe in this sex shame bullshit!! This World is for all! No exception! I still hold to my belief, there is nothing to shame oneself about in the arena of consenting adults! We can not evolve away from the trafficking of humans, racism, bigotry, and gendercide if we cant be comfortable in our own skins, can't even talk about the thing that created us all and return to nature!   If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!

Pre Colonial Sexuality, Deities, Cultures & Bigoted Closed Minded Christianization & Islamic Dogma

My son Saycsar will be my Co-host turned guest on Ckiara Nation. We had someone else scheduled for an in-depth conversation about pre-colonial Dual, bi, or transgender deities and human beings prior to Christian, Islamic, and Judaism. The attitudes, worship then and now. Millennials political correctness harm, Grandma’s generation History of bi-gender cultures Bonus behind the scenes His first single “Look Back” And much more… On Ckiara Nation


El Video Arriba esta sober voz en Espanol:

Mi hijo Saycsar será mi coanfitrión convertido en invitado en Ckiara Nation. Teníamos a alguien más programado para una conversación en profundidad sobre las deidades duales, bi o transgénero precoloniales y los seres humanos antes del cristianismo, el islámico y el judaísmo. Las actitudes, adoración entonces y ahora. Daño de la corrección política de los millennials, La generación de la abuela Historia de las culturas bisexuales Bono detrás de escena Su primer sencillo “Look Back” Y mucho más… En la nación Ckiara

Anna Xwexx Moreno: “Uganda’s Kill Gays” Politics and Transgender Real Life Struggle for life

“The idea that homosexuality is ‘western’ is based on another western import – Christianity. True African culture celebrates diversity and promotes acceptance.” .-Bisi Alimi We Welcome The Beautiful Courageous Feminist Anna Xwexx Morena Her name is Juliana yet she prefers to be called Anna Xwexx Morena. She tells people “I’d rather be a bad feminist than no feminist at all!” She heads the Anna Foundation Uganda a youth-led organization that promotes Economically Emotionally Empowerment for all women! Politicians and how they ignite the fires of hate and death to be elected! She advocates for the rights of Transgender people sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV prevention, advocacy, research, entrepreneurship, and fundraising for the transgender community in Central Uganda. With a strict emphasis on Transgender women because they experience a lot of stigmas, discrimination, and even death.

Spirit & Sexuality Part 2

The mainstream sees spirituality as something not connected to the physical and definitively not to sex unless it’s got the aura of deep love and constraints based on morality and religion.

Season 2 Episode 1 Sex and Spirit

Feminists, Sex Industry Employees, and Advocates Speak on Sex and Spirit. spirituality and sex, Sex Industry, and the Religions view on thee Female body.

Episode 14 prior restraint pt 2

Conclusion of the HOT and EXPLOSIVE”protest p0rn,” a fictionalized Cristina Garcia attempts to bust up a renegade porn production

Episode 14 prior restraint part 1

Interview with the Cast Crew and Director of the HOT and EXPLOSIVE”protest p0rn,” a fictionalized Cristina Garcia attempts

Anaiya Sophia Part 2

We give a huge WELCOME back part 2 Anaiya Sophia on C-nation. We will continue to discuss with Tina Heals her article in which she wrote: “The original whore was a priestess, the conduit to the divine, through whose body one entered the sacred arena and was restored. Warriors, soldiers, soiled by combat within the world of men, came to the Holy Prostitute, the Quedishtu, literally meaning the undefiled one, in order to be cleansed and reunited with the gods.” Mary Magdalene Demonization of sexuality Men losing their church The Virgin -Whore dichotomy,

Ckiara On Love on Lockdown!

Ckiara Rose will be a limited Weekly fixture on LoVe on Lockdown living room comedy

Trailer Prior Restraint on C Nation

Probably the only p0rn ever created featuring the US Constitution as a character…

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