George Floyd’s Death, People and Colors

This blog is not really sex themed like my usual. I am saddened. Even, if I personally
did not know George Floyd, I am empathic and know about police brutality. My brother
and I have been beaten, or rather, we got into scuffles with the police in our
adolescence. In our case they were mean self loathing Mexican and African American
cops, who did not like the way we talk back to their masters ( Caucasian Cops) and their
masters beat us too.

I am just putting this in a common language. Before I began writing this piece, I just
gave a serious tongue lashing to a friend about whiteness. Then I was triggered by a
post about a black candidate. I thought about the difference in reference to a woman
and the label black or brown or of colored before it! What about using and referring to
people by name, if you can visually see them and only need color is when someone is
not present for description’s sake.

My sister’s Black Israelites article also got me thinking about writing this piece of my
mind. Then I read an article that read: “Listen when a person of color tells you they are
in pain. Just shut up and listen. Do not try to explain the opposing point of view. Do not
tell them they are overreacting or failing to see the full picture. Let them know you have
heard them. Let them know you are there for them.”
Keyword “Them” (racist or rather colorist, we are the human race of many shades)
Turns out a black woman wrote it. My Opinion stays the same.
Kind of reminds me of Django and the scene, where the white racist finds out the three
Musketeers author was black.

This statement with all it’s good intentions is somewhat condescending regardless of the
color of the skin of the writer! It’s a master-slave language and attitude that’s become a
culture (kind of like when black people say get your blackass over here or white pink
and peach say colored to distinguish themselves above all others of their same
species.It’s washed down supremacy-inferior language!)
Why do colored white people need to just be silent and listen to the other coloreds?
Why can’t the human race talk to a diverse part of their own species as they would listen
to one of their friend or acquaintance or fellow skin tones person. I don’t understand why
one has to be talked at or to or treated with anything, but what comes natural to the
person listening and speaking and vice versa!
Why must it be like one is talking to someone not of the same mother earth planet, if
they both speak English?

We need to be better than this! The article is still good though. If we are talking to one
another as we would, anyone else without the color being the reason for condescending
attitude. For we all are facing discrimination. There is crime from people, who believe
colored white people are all all rich. Followed by, so many white, peach and pink people
fear someone wants to take or ask them for something?! That is/was indoctrinated in
them and became a cultural way of thinking. One fears what you’ve done, will be
reciprocated. That’s how some of their ancestors got and passed down the privilege,
they now have, as far as ownership, inheritance and education and being part of an
oppressive dominant culture.

But walking around in the world in fear of someone taking from you is hardly a privilege.
or thinking your skin color will protect you (well maybe with cops and the court system,
not on the streets) without remembering that taking what’s not yours at any point in time
and enslaving, demeaning, keeping in bondage then claiming supremacy is weak and
your offspring will pay the price!

Our world still carries the stigma of colonization, attitudes of the times, bigotry,
separation-division- segregation- that still to this day- and has evolved through
indoctrination of self loathing, hatred of our skin colors and the deflection on to others .
There are hidden histories, of other nations and female ingenuity that has been
appropriated by males of one skin tone. Now their offspring think their race created
everything; therefore, they believe they are superior and all others are so-called
“minority” or inferior. Colored or them/those. This is why the world is in a crisis!
Here is what I have to say to other colored people, on the other hand challenges make
one stronger. So don’t wallow in the sabotage, hatred, ignorance and pain, rise above,
and get yours don’t swim in self pity,.Everyone needs to stop putting your fellow human
beings (I really mean pink, peach and white skinned) on a pedestal begging their
acceptance and put yourself or GodGoddess there and get what you believe you

Life is harder for some more than others and that sucks! But it’s life! We got to keep
moving forward and recognizing that as long as the past still affects the present it is not
history but a measurement stick to see how far we’ve gotten!
My prayer is that the human race unite and let’s evolve to the next level of humanity.
One where people know and see one and other as human. We are the only species on
Earth that get stuck on our diversity and skin tone and won’t move forward.
W hen you look at your brother, your sister or your friends you think of them by name.
but if all you can say, think and see is White, Black , Brown, Colored, Asian, Native
friends, before their name. You need to work on yourself! Subconscious systematic
racism seeps in you and I.

All lives matter, not negating black lives but by saying black do you deny someone else
what of the Native, Asians, Hispanics, Surbians, African, Women, Oriental and millions
of species around the planet! There is obvious deliberate suffering to groups. Yes! Be
grateful you are in the USA and other developed nations, make the best of it! Because
we have it much easier than other people in other countries, 65 percent of the global
population really! lLet’s unite. Let’s not quantify suffering but end it!
Perhaps we can stop our own wrongs first. We have a culture of comparing ourselves
and idolotrating money people. We don’t recognize some are wealthy, because of blood
money. So, status means nothing and thumbing one’s nose at people is stupid, get
some therapy for that! We all deflect our insecurities on others! It’s not how much
money you have, the achievement you set out for yourself and accomplished, who your
family is, and how much bling you wear or even how many people love you and you
influence. After all you’ve accomplished is admired and applauded, it’s your shit no one
needs to bow down to you! What are you doing to serve your fellow human,
environment,and ecology? How are your creations and services inspiring and making
life enjoyable for all?

The population must know, it’s not about multinational corporations, being so powerful,
it’s about consumers taking their power back! And directing the World Bank, CEO , UN,
Politicians, Inventors, Creator or Technological big shot to tame their ambition, when it
is killing and making others suffer and let them realize their greed will not be tolerated!
Their practices and products are for the public to make them rich, famous,and legends
and it can be taken away. That’s why they keep us busy disliking one another and force
celebirties into contracts where they can not enlighten their fans or be part of
movements or blackball those who do it regardless or scape goat sex workers or divide
and conquer us through the media!

It is the masses. We people have power and are soldiers (protesters/activists) and the
commanders (leaders) Need to organize properly then get those who are the root of the
problem where it hurts.Consumers make your voices heard and consume locally friend
to friend, help small business, figure out how to get around the so-called virus. Don’t
attack our fellow humans who’ve worked so hard for their businesses. Get the true
Demons of the planet and tame those beasts!

About author
I am Ckiara Rose. I am not a formally educated individual. I don’t believe it makes me
less or better than anyone. I believe this is my world as much as anyone else. I obey the
supreme law of creation, that says, I can inherit the Earth and all that’s in it and if what I
want belongs to someone else I can compromise or have faith that what’s, will find me
or I’ll find and not resort to crime to attain it.


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