“It Comes Naturally” The Reincarnators Journey”

A film I put together about a temple Hor Priestess from Ancient times when Matriarchy/ partnership was practiced. In those times (People born under certain planetaries and universal energies would themselves know their purpose and became part of the Hors priesthood and would dedicate their time to advancing their knowledge and other talents and applying it to the whole. They were also in charge of making peace, traveling, and joining making peace with male-lead tribes through entertainment, sexual union, and forming alliances through a child, the male children would be raised to 13 years of age then returned to their fathers while their effeminate brothers or masculine sisters would be kept in the community (some resented that and became part of the male-only rule patriarchy that spread through this planet to this day in many parts of the world)

A warrior found battered and dying is restored by the Hor Priestess Ckiara Nana the secrets of what we would say today “The 6th Element” being Sexual element, its power, and the alchemy, which in turn he uses against her, he from a patriarchal civilization made up of nomads, exiled men and boys becomes deeply in love with he and becomes Infuriated she just added him to her collection of men women and multi-sex partners. He leaves but with a broken heart bent on revenge on all matriarchal society binding them to subservience and the priestesses and sexuality to degradation.

She is summoned to the council of thirteen heads ( the thirteen tribes leaders made up of, elders, profits, alchemists, fates and sages, agriculturalists, for revealing and causing the disharmony by the severance in between the gate between the Goddessgod head and the material the gate that balanced the “heavens” and the earth. that cursed by the sages and fates to reincarnation with total recall until she restores and places back sexual element in its place on the world restores balance.

We begin this episode with her most recent incarnation and death.

The Burning

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