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I have found that in life you don’t complain, plead, wallow and cry. You continue to build as they

try to sabotage and destroy you! You trust the source of all things, not another human to make

your life better. You will always struggle and be unhappy living for others’ approval and


The purposely ignorant and uncreative being will try to keep you down! But you must, keep on

keeping on!

Goddess God, Bless Africa, North-South, Central America, Asia, Middle East, Europe. May their

population find enlightenment and self thinkery.

All Women, Trans, LBGT, and all who have been chained down, forced to rely on only their ego,

(that keeps them, closed, fearful, from learning a better way of living) and the oppressed and

marginalized by a Self Loathing, Sadistic group of men and their women (of all self-loathing and

treacherous skin tones, not just the lighter ones)!

May the oppressor’s offspring discontinue their illusion of supremacy! May the oppressed

offspring stop putting their oppressors on pedestals then hating them at the same time. Claiming

supremacy-superior while your so-called inferior is tide or chained or gaged or under threat of

harm… Is hardly the mark of superiority! Wake up!

That is nothing more than really low inferior actions and traditions that need to end.

You can’t cowardly sabotage, go behind someone’s back, or be an accomplice by staying silent

or be in a clique that hurts, destroys others or excludes, out of jealousy, envy, the way someone

looks or expresses themselves. Then the act of being offended or being outraged by what

another does is that you see that in yourself.

The act of sabotage is, you see yourself on a lower scale and can’t compete, so instead, you

impede others’ progress.

You can’t fault patriarchal, colonial traditions, because you are doing the same thing. Human

beings are very intelligent of the species on the planet, but the stupidest most sheep-like on the

planet believe they are above all other species of nature but our actions are sometimes to the

depth of filth and rubbish.

We claim advancement but do primal, lazy and effortless thinking and believe intelligence is

measured by amounts reading and memorizing, some else’s ideas, opinions (but not forming

our own from what we learned.) We repeat like parrots words, quotes, memes, we don’t even


We use big dictionaries or foul language to show our level or lack of education (in my case lol)!

(I am not ashamed to make errors or be myself, thank Goddess God. Those I truly love and they

love me, my real friendships, who tell me to my face the good the bad. What is ugly about me,

so that I can choose to remedy it and grow and they are few. I am separating from falsehood


We use words and memes, unfriend people but practice nothing towards being the better world

we want on a personal level.

We remain silent or talk behind someone’s back, for fear of someone or everyone not liking us

but in the process we dislike ourselves!

I wish we learn from history not repeat it and honor those who gave their lives to change our

world. By continuing from where they left off. Instead, we wallow. In actions of the past and don’t

see how far we’ve gained momentum away from the injustice. We are ungrateful and entitled in

Western societies especially the US and cry complain when 65 % of the world’s human beings

live below poverty, victims of genocide and human degradation.

We are not talking about 65% of the world’s lives matter too!?

Some of those people have to shit in a hole in the ground and toilet paper is a luxury.

We are ignorant, self-centered, hypocrites, and wanna be anybody else but our loving,

vulnerable, and individual strong selves, all of us!

But we can change that by truly loving ourselves, honoring ourselves, self-thinking, teaching

and help.

By focusing on fixing our complexes and insecurities, through esoteric, spiritual, non

condemning or calling people sinners religions, books, gurus, we can heal ourselves individually

and then we can truly listen to ourselves and others, not the story we tell ourselves and hate

anyone else’s story that differs from ours.

That’s continued, colonial, patriarchal, racist, the master-slave language we repeat and see as a

culture, no longer the forced indoctrinated ideology it was and continues to be.

My motherland never had European conquest but was betrayed by the Spanish, Dutch, French,

or British from 1492 to the 1800s.

We kept our own identity. 129 years later we are being renamed, ethnically cleansed by the

same racist false superior mindset, who whipped into kidnapped enslaved people, that they

were no longer their birth-given name but a European name & God Character in their image.

Telling others you’re negroid, mongoloid, or subhuman not at all on authentically originally

identified themselves as!

I am a human being of a different breed of the same species capable of breeding with others of

the same species and creating another breed.

You are not better than me and I am not better than you! We just are.! Humans!

Stop going two steps forward 3 steps back in our human thought and relation evolution!

 If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
About the Author
Hello Everyone Welcome to Ckiara Nation! My name is Ckiara Rose, the hostess of Ckiara Nation. We are a vlog and podcast for adults to speak freely and frankly about sexuality, gender, politics, spirituality, and human rights and how they intersect with history and the world today. Our mission is to advocate for responsible and consensual dialogue rather than violence, bigotry, and discrimination. Fans and listeners, “The Nation”, my guests and guest co-hosts, and EVEN our naysayers are part of the chat. Clearing up stigmas and myths of marginalized groups such as LGBT, Sex Workers/adult entertainers, and the religious with a mix of in-depth research, compassion, humor, and no holds barred dialogue about what we want to see in the future. About Our Ckiara Nation I have a burning passion and love for my work. I have suffered hell in the past, directly related to the status quo’s illogical indoctrination of sensual and sex shame! I had my child stolen by the system. I relented and stood my ground against their sexual and female role ideology… to both my own and my sons’ pain! Had I surrendered most likely I wouldn’t be here because I would have sold my soul!   If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
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