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Your Introduction to CKIARA NATION sex Culture

Welcome to Ckiara Nation. We are a variety show, a vlog, with independent opinions, and a podcast for adults to speak freely and frankly about sexuality, gender, politics, spirituality, and human rights and how they intersect with history and the world today.

Our mission is to advocate for responsible and consensual dialogue rather than violence, bigotry, blame, and discrimination. Fans and listeners, “The Nation”, my guests and guest co-hosts, and EVEN our naysayers are part of the chat.

Clearing up sexual stigmas including myths of marginalized groups such as LGBTQA, Sex Workers/adult entertainers, and the religious with a mix of in-depth research, compassion, humor, and no-holds-barred dialogue about what we want to see in the future.

About Me Your Hostess

I have a burning passion and love for my work. I have suffered hell in the past, directly related to the status quo’s illogical indoctrination of sensuality and sex shame!

I had my child stolen by the system. They told me to realize what I did wrong and abide by their ideals and I could have him back! I relented and stood my ground against their outdated ideology… to both my own and my sons’ pain!
Had I surrendered most likely I wouldn’t be here because I would have sold my soul and lost my spirit!!

This show is so that his growing up age 8 to 20 without me, means something!
I don’t believe in this sex degradation and shame and want to expose the misinformed information and history on the subject!!
This World is for all! No exception!
There is nothing to shame oneself about when it comes to the lifestyles of consenting adults. If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with corrupt politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and unscrupulous big business that creates poverty and suffering…I’d be ashamed!

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