What the Hell is Wrong With Feminists




What the hell is wrong with feminists?


What exactly are they standing for?

Femininity, with regards to nature and biology our fundamental role equates to,  seduction, allure, nurturing, sexiness, beauty, love, attraction, healing, giving, caretaking, soul, creation, life-giver, peace and mindfulness not just intelligence. Why can’t intelligence be sexy or scantily dressed, naked, as well as, suited and/or covered by choice? What is this comparison and competition with men in feminism? Not to mention, hate or deliberate ignorance of men’s biology? That is tamed by all those genetic codes, we as women have to calm; the beast called man. A woman that has self-knowledge and can use her God-given gifts for the highest good is a blessed woman!

Feminist oh feminist!

There is so much of femininity that we throw out and negatively label and demonize!

Do you not realize that part of feminity or feminism is not only our intelligence, but also our beauty, our bodies, our sensuality, sexuality, and softness? Every woman is beautiful and should stand for or as an ally with her Sisters, around the globe. No matter their status in life or choices or preference, because ours is a life of hardship, danger, and great joy!  Sensuality, Nurturing, Love, Kindness and Discipline, Creation, and intellect, sexuality in all its forms, it is our original source of power and/or bargaining tool and why our kids will never go without if all else fails! 

Men have and continue to use their inherent strengths and stand on street corners soliciting their bodies there is no shaming nor arrests being made.

Societies have used our vanity to control us by images of our youth, the filing of our bodies after we give birth to their children (which cause resentment against our offsprings in some cases) then giving us a deadline on how long we are considered beautiful and a cartoon image on our beauty all this against us, to hold us down and oppress us!





We live in a “man’s world” they say!?

It’s not just males on this planet nor females,there are millions of species inside the earth womb. We cohabitate in a most hate full and inconsiderate inhumane manner! Even if that is the case in a political sense with our female input there be extinction or a dead planet. They tell us our sexuality is theirs and our birth canal is theirs and our bodies are own by family, culture, religion, tradition, and husbands, Then here comes the feminist! The empowerment of the female gender,  further oppressing us, by erasing our rights to the full enjoyment and use of our genetics! This is what I call self-loathing behavior! Because we are indoctrinated against everything that is really natural that is our god-given femininity, our capability to be creators, vessels of life production, eternal caretakers, sexy, alluring, tranquilizing, peace and multiple orgasmic beings we are!

Gender Wars?

I, personally, do not wish to compete with men nor prove to them a god damn thing! They are of no importance to me if they have no understanding or respect for themselves and wish to prey on women or judge women (while they secretly envy us), I am not interested in dealing with such men in any capacity! Men who think other men who shower a woman with gifts, are willing to respect and honor a woman by giving her something for her time are, tricks, or Johns, chumps or whatever they call these good men, Yet praise, the men who lie, take advantage, steal a woman’s honor, who bed women, are notches on their belts, then throw them to the wayside and on to the  next, rape, make unwanted pregnancies. Are these are real men? Do you know men like that? However, we as women dress, all they’ll see is a gaping hole.

I will not waste energy hating them or putting all men in a basket where there’s, apple, oranges, and eggs, and say its a basket of flowers! Each individual differs some can think for themselves and some go with popular opinion and others are led like sheep can’t do anything but follow until they are slaughtered!

There is one thing that sets humans apart from other animals and that our ability to think, we also have free will, not just instinct,  and that we can change our minds by staying open and not sink into what’s comfortable or believing stereotypes. When it comes to dealing with other human beings. Whatever their gender or choices or preferences, why does it have to offend you? Why do you need to be in other people’s business and think you have the right to deflect, your ignorance, awkwardness or myths on that other person!? Would it hurt much to do some research maybe even get to know you might be wrong? Why always hate?!

Let me set an example before your eyes:  I don’t use big words, but understand them and comprehend what they mean most of the time, as my stepfather his family and younger sister love to use them. To me, It’s like talking at people, especially, when public speaking,  it gets under my skin! Yet, I don’t get on some campaign to stop all using words that cause other people to need a dictionary to understand what you are talking about… “Willis”!? or the, look  I am, educated, college graduate or I’m not poor or I am intellectual, I can prove it by the use of words the commoners or poor don’t use! Also, I understand that one word can describe a very long sentence and that is also its use… That’s my personal pet peeve, not necessarily facts nor can I say that’s why people use big ass words but I’m using it as an example.

Sometimes, I self analyze and think perhaps, it’s me and more my being intimidated, more than irritation, but it feels like irritation, so that’s what I call it, plus it’s my perception and everyone has one and some times they are not based on reality!  Anyway, to make a long story short ; 

I believe, that feminists’ actions are based on the oppression men have through the centuries and continue to place on women and it needs to be addressed yet not at the cost of our nature, what makes us women, our roles and genetic roles when feminists do that they become part of the patriarchal society they are so dissatisfied with and march on against them. Those feminists are indeed an anti-female bottom line, if they can’t communicate, get to know their sisters, what their lives are about and why they what they do? Help them when they ask for help, but not kill their livelihood. Remember free will is God-given, that’s why nations stand against oppression! Oppression is unnatural!   

Is it jealousy of other women or insecurity?  The attitude…the indoctrinated sexual detachment from their bodies especially their vaginas, is it the media-hyped images of external beauty? Which I believe we all can achieve with makeup, if that’s your thing, if not be happy with who you are or get cosmetic surgery, but let it be for you! Be a comrade and supporter of your fellow female. We as women are taught by society to see and not feel what’s not been indoctrinated for us to feel or obey our families, the church, school officials, law, society, not think for ourselves beyond controlled how a female should think? and that will make us respectable!  Our sex, sexuality, desires or curiosities are evil if we possess knowledge or accept it in any other form than that which is presented to us at the time of our puberty and for our boyfriend or husband?

As flowers are to women, women are flowers to men and men are like bees and like little bees, they naturally pollinate as many flowers as they can in the garden of nature! We are also taught that other women who embrace themselves their bodies and sexuality are dirty because sex is dirty, so the embodiment of sexuality being woman, must be nasty  we are so taught that “Men are dogs” and should pluck their eyes out and not want or admire the female form, as they through biology and through nature are inherently attracted to females and are here to cater, love, adore, women and move heavy things damn it! 

Sometimes, men’s admiration is mistaken for objectification not to say some men go too far in some cultures with the catcalling and the whole if you dress sexy then I am allowed to touch, abuse or take what’s not mine to acquire! With the same token, I will say some women, use it their sexuality negatively, but that is also societies’ and religion’s fault for not being open to sex outside biblical and clinical context! And shaming our bodies, going against ours/ all human biology. That can only lead to self-ignorance and ignorance breeds contempt and self-loathing breeds eternal hatred and hatred leads to waste destruction and war within and outward! 

One more thing God-Goddess FatherMother God is omnipotent, Source of a things needs nothing from you except for you to live your life to the fullest and allow others to do the same!

 If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
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