Cooking With Cleavage

Mextalian Godfathers Affair Love Child Dish

The Italian Godfather and the Mexican HouseKeeper had a love Chilun and it’s Connili Rodriguez Sanchez. And I made a dish in honor of that love fruit. 😶 Just for your Entertainment and yummy news! Watch me reenact the affair night With myself on my loyafans channel

Invisible Dish

Cooking with Cleavage’s Ckiata Loses it and gives you a dish made of air?????But oh what a sexy little retro 1940’s post-war shoot and tease. watch the uncensored version here:

Taylor’s See Men Seafood Boil

By now you know Ckiara’s Cooking with Cleavage is anything but ordinary traditional or dull!This episode is twice the fun twice the cleavage and also delicious1 MMMMotorboat!Watch the naughtiness when you subscribe to Ckiara’s

Unexpected Mom Roast W/ Coconut Rice beans & Chicken

Ckiara’s mother drops by unexpectedly and Ckiara keeps the sexiness away from the holy prophetess’ eyes and has fun. Then the roast happens after.Sorry, no paywall on this one. But subscribe at

Cooking With Cleavage Goes Take Out With Titi!

Sickly Ckiara Orders Chinese Food And shows you how! or in this case, she’ll tell you? See it all on

Donna’s Macaroni A’la Shrimp Salad

Welcome back to my Cleavage! Okay! Okay! Cooking with it…Kinda?!  Anyway, we will be making Macaroni Shrimp Salad A’La Donna with “Thing” the Submissive doing everything wrong just to get a smack! Watch all the loony-ness and untraditional food preparation prepared with the power of the cleavage. But And oh… how delicious that salad will be.Yum! 

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The Arti Choked on Portabella’s Sausage Dish

The  Arti Choked on Portabella’s Sausage Dish
plus naughty behavior curved by a Priest. Remember to see all the uncensored bits


@ckiara Serves Up Cod Hornimy…oops Hominy yellow and white grits meal. mmm… Yummy! but you know what’s yummier the Ckiara’s naughtiness and allure after the show check it out and subscribe!

A very flirty down-to-earth… I mean… Down to the brown bag

A very flirty down-to-earth… I mean… Down to the brown bag that removes excess oil and leaves just delicious in your mouth and perhaps in your hands for feeding others! Yummmy!

Rock Hard Cod on Slutty Yucca w-Veggies Dish

Rock Hard Cod on Slutty Yucca w-Veggies Dish made with the power of the cleavage. I now grant to you a viewing of the merging of Cooking alongside Mythological, Historical, and Stupid Logical ( not always necessary in that order but… just watch it!) all in one Haha-moment of deliciousness! See a hotter much yummier episode on 
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Flounder Over Chorizo Fried Rice

We are cooking up a yummy dish Flounder over “Me” Chorizo Fried Rice, Yucca in onion, lime and tomatoes sauce With a side of LIPS’ Val Elefante and Humor for desert watch more and subscribe to a much sexier episode: also onlyfans  @cookingwcleavage  

Seafood Nut

Seafood never tasted so damn good This recipe won’t just make you wanna slap yo momma but after she takes her shoe out of your ass.You’ll taste it again and your mouth will nut!
See uncensored here Only fans @ckiara

Tuna A’LA Succulent

See the Uncensored too sexy to be free version

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This Aint yo Granpa’s Baking show!

This Aint yo Granpa’s Baking show! This is where Pillsbury gives me his Dough Boy! It’s Baking with Cleavage! Titi Cake ! Watch the Uncensored naughtiness

Blue Cheese Shrimping Salad Receipt

Blue Cheese Shrimping Salad Receipt is great but the wake-up call will have you licking your lips and sucking your fingers and my toes! You can only watch the toe licking yumminess! This ain’t your, any ole’ meal cooking show. It’s Cooking with Cleavage! See the Uncensored too sexy to be free version when you subscribe to: 

Harem Falafel Balls Al Haloof

Ckiara Smells the Haloof and decides on making a Harem Falafel  Balls Dish plus a dance number.
this ain’t your, any ole’ meal cooking show. It’s Cooking with Cleavage!

See the Uncensored too sexy to be free version

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Author/Shaman Raven Kaldera + Rum Banana Honey Pancakes & Baphomet

Welcome back to Ckiara Nation Sex Culture 2045. The future of sex attitude now! Today we merge Cooking With Cleavage.

EnchiladaTiti Shake Dish

In this episode, you’ll lick your lips, your eyes will be pleased and if you follow the verbal recipe for my Enchilada Titi Shake dish, you are doing well
(you can always ask in the comment box, and digitally scribble it for you). By now you know that this is an unrehearsed, down-to-earth, very adulterated, funny show that merges Historical, mythological facts and stupid-logically. Then Ckiara summarizes her understanding, perception, and philosophy (open to correction or expression). Enjoy the show.

Censored Cajun Essence

Finally Cajun Essense and a whole lotta Stupi-Logical
See all the N naughty bits by

CornBeef Please

In this episode we Go western and actually open up a can of corn beef while the breasts kept popping in for their own exhibition show! Can’t take those two anywhere!

See uncensored

Falafel Jalisco

Historical Mythological and Stupidlogical merge and the Hispanic culinary art of flour Tortillas with the Ancient land Of the Goddess Manat her sisters of the Middle East making a Jalisco Falafel. PREPARED WITH THE POWER OF CLEAVAGE AND THE ENERGY OF THE SUCCULENTS! Let your mouth water and your tongue delight in a Dish, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Don’t let the title fool you… I got a brain!

See uncensored

Not So Jambalaya

Last week I was forced to toss my own Salad because My No name yet Submissive decided to not show. Well this week he did show up and he is getting his…well deserved …Just Desserts of sorts and we ran out of time so we made a not so jambalaya dish!Enjoy

Tossing My Salad

I had some sort of experimental Dish ready to be cooked up but my Slave decided to play Hooky . He betta bring me ma Money Honey!  So instead we will toss my salad and explore the reason why men use this term as a salad in noway resembles a V….Enjoy

See uncensored


A sexy funny cooking show starring my cleavage and the occasional guest’s cleavages where we make delicious traditional dishes in a very untraditional manner. We merge  Mythological, Historical, Stupidlogical issues. Unpretentious, all-inclusive, humorous with a sex-positive feminist twist there’s a little bit of flash, a lot of sexual innuendoes, lots of laughs and good food!




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