Victoria Schneider Sued & Won $750,000 (Pt 2)

Victoria Schneider SW & Health Worker

Activist Sued 4 Constitiunal Rights Violation & Won $750,000 (Pt 1)

Health Care Activist & Former Sex Worker sued the City and County of San Francisco, an unlawful strip search when she got booked at the San Francisco County Jail. Victoria was born with both sexes and was assigned Male yet being and identifying as female and living as such, asked to be transferred to the women’s jail the police then conducted a strip search to determine her gender. Born intersex and assigned male. Victoria won her lawsuit and was awarded $750,000 in damages from a federal jury and we will hear about that, the constitution sticking up for your rights little breaks with cooking with cleavage, and some conversation about homelessness and the fun and lows of drug use…

CornBeef Please

In this episode we Go western and actually open up a can of corn beef while the breasts kept popping in for their own exhibition show! Can’t take those two anywhere!

See uncensored https://onlyfans.com/ckiara

Falafel Jalisco

Historical Mythological and Stupidlogical merge and the Hispanic culinary art of flour Tortillas with the Ancient land Of the Goddess Manat her sisters of the Middle East making a Jalisco Falafel. PREPARED WITH THE POWER OF CLEAVAGE AND THE ENERGY OF THE SUCCULENTS! Let your mouth water and your tongue delight in a Dish, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Don’t let the title fool you… I got a brain!

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SF Fat Loss Clinic Journey

Ckiara decides to get additional help on her stubborn body parts that exercise is not targeting with Lipo Lazer

Domina Kiara’s interview

Ckiara and Mistress Domina Kiara The Freelance Journalist that wrote the STOP SISEA on Article on Medium

Tossing My Salad

I had some sort of experimental Dish ready to be cooked up but my Slave decided to play Hooky . He betta bring me ma Money Honey!  So instead we will toss my salad and explore the reason why men use this term as a salad in noway resembles a V….Enjoy

See uncensored https://onlyfans.com/ckiara

Not So Jambalaya

Last week I was forced to toss my own Salad because My No name yet Submissive decided to not show. Well this week he did show up and he is getting his…well deserved …Just Desserts of sorts and we ran out of time so we made a not so jambalaya dish!Enjoy

Meth Sex & Gay Men “Crystal City” director Terry Crawford, David Fawcett, Jimmie Stallings

In San Francisco and New York, gay men of all socioeconomic backgrounds are experiencing a Crystal Meth addiction epidemic—and it’s on the rise. “Crystal City” director Terry Crawford, coproducer David Fawcett, and cast member Jimmie Stallings give Ckiara and guest host, SF journalist Josh Rotter a detailed look at the current crisis. We also explore when, why, and how gay men are defying the trend and triumphing over their addiction and the stigma it carries!


Welcome back to Ckiara Nation This episode we have: Yougo Girl is a musician of Balkan blood born in Switzerland who makes chaotic tracks.

Cupid’s Love On Lockdown Feat/Ckiara

Love on lockdown the News Spoof with real news, only with a twist, featured guests(like yours truly) and musicians.
In this episode:
Cupid and I were having a conversation about, Goddess culture
Hidden the hidden Matriarchial civilization

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