Netflix Circus of Books – The Conclusion

Netflix’s Circus of Books Director Rachael Mason part 2 Film discussion in its entirety

Welcome to another episode of Ckiara Nation This one is Extra Special Director Rachel Mason will be joining us to talk about Netflix’s Documentary Circus of Books We also have guest hosts Josh Rotter from 48 hills a News, culture community and entertainment, Media site started in 2013, dedicated its efforts local media that was being snatched up by greedy chains, beholden to corporate interests, and was less concerned with in-depth reporting on the issues that matter. 

We have Saycsar Fleurima from Rebel Twins Media, musician and Filmmaker And Bridget Activist for destigmatizing sexuality will give us a little background on herself we asked questions like:

* Your parents look like they’d be into books but by no means one would ever guess they are running a gay book store pornographic one at that. What happened with the Government?

*Simon Leis Prosecutor in Idaho spoke on Society, the family unit and how pornography and obscenity will hurt the family and destroy Society? 

* Rachel answers Ckiara’s question/statement: would I go as far to say that a closed mind society, who attacks people who obey their natural desires aren’t harming anyone and no matter how close we are or related our biology, our physical needs, taste buds, sounds, and sites all differ from person to person and by forcing people to conform to things outside their then condemning them for personal decision is more a cult than society? 

*Josh Rotter from 48 hills Question SaycZee Fleurima questions and much more…. On Ckiara Nation

 If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
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Hello Everyone Welcome to Ckiara Nation! This is Ckiara (silent C) Rose. I am the hostess of Ckiara Nation. Ckiara Nation is a platform where adults can speak frankly and openly about sexuality, All forms of discussions leading to solutions to the Inbred racial hate, stereotypes, and assumptions about different groups of people from all sides, politics, advocating for a responsible adult, consensual, sexual, that is as much an Inalienable Right as being born or dying!  “The Nation”, strives to replace erotic stigmas, myths, and stereotypes with educated research, occasional expert guests, including sex workers, adult entertainers, clients, customers, allies, and the enemies who oppose. We are here to help those who seek to release their indoctrinated inhibitions, explore all life, gain empowerment through sex, its genres, politics, teaching responsibility/consent in real life, embracing our fantasy, role plays, having fun, visiting and exploring taboo, and much, much, more!  Bottom Line: I have a burning passion and love for my work. I have suffered hell in the past, directly related to the status quo’s illogical indoctrination of sensual and sex shame! I had my child stolen by the system due to nonconformity. I relented and stood my ground against their sexual shaming and female role & worn ideology… to both my own and my sons’ pain! Had I surrendered most likely I wouldn’t be here because I would have sold my soul! This show is so that his growing up age 8 to 20 without me, means something and for all the other misunderstood, misrepresented people, also sex workers, and adult entertainers, I met who took a job they hated, could no longer spend time with their families,  turned to drugs because they could no longer afford a roof over their heads and had their kids taken after they caved into social conformity through forced assimilation and return to sex shame, self-loathing and poverty.  Also, the people stuck in abusive or unhappy life! I just don’t believe in this sex shame bullshit!! This World is for all! No exception! I still hold to my belief, there is nothing to shame oneself about in the arena of consenting adults! We can not evolve away from the trafficking of humans, racism, bigotry, and gendercide if we cant be comfortable in our own skins, can't even talk about the thing that created us all and return to nature!   If I were committing genocide or starving millions or co-“whore” ting with politicians, rulers, “dick” tators, and big business that creates unnecessary suffering, so that a few can have more than they could want or thumb their nose at people…I’d be ashamed!
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